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Glassware Essentials For Every Bar

Glassware Essentials For Every Bar

A bar is incomplete without the right drinkware. You need glassware that boosts your cocktails and shows off your mastery of mixology. Whether you are looking for casual, fancy, short, or tall drinkware, there is a glass to meet your needs.

Features to Consider

Here are some of the features that you should keep in mind when buying drinkware for bars.

  • Design – The design of the glass will impact how the glass looks.
  • Size – Different types of drinks require different sizes of glasses.
  • Durability – You should select glassware that doesn’t break or scratch easily. This type of glass should also maintain its appearance much longer and have an easy washing process.

Different Types of Glasses

Choosing the right type of glassware can be tricky for most bar owners and managers. Reward Hospitality New Zealand provides hospitality solutions throughout the Asia Pacific and here are the different kinds of glasses and their uses.

Speciality Glasses

Since your bar serves several categories of drinks, you should get specialised glasses for each type of drink. Here are some of the main varieties of speciality glasses.

Martini Glass

The martini glass has a circular base, a long stem, and a v-shaped cup. Its conical shape prevents the vermouth and gin from separating. In addition, the glass’s shape allows it to display the traditional ingredients of a martini, such as lemon and olive.

Martini glasses are available in various designs and colours. What’s more, they come with extensive decorations such as gemstones and beads.

Collins Glass

Named after the Tom Collins, the refreshing and simple gin cocktail, the Collins glass is a common feature in bars around the world. It is normally considered a type of highball glass, but Collins glasses are remarkably narrower than standard highballs. They are used to serve mixed drinks, primarily John Collins or Tom Collins.

Shot Glass

Shot glasses are small glasses that can hold drinks in measurements of 25mL to 50mL. They typically don’t have a stem, but they come in various sizes. Shot glasses were initially designed to measure spirits or liquor, but they are now used to hold small amounts of drinks.

All-Purpose Glasses

All-purpose glasses are ideal for all cold beverages, such as water, wine, and cocktails. They are typically made from high-quality crystal glass.

The main types of all-purpose glasses are:

  • Old-fashioned glasses – This is a variety of tumbler glasses used for neat or iced drinks. It is typically short and cylindrical with straight sides and a thick base.
  • Highball glasses – These types of glasses are normally used for tall mixed drinks. Flat bases and straight sides are the distinguishing features of highball glasses.

Wine Glasses

The right type of wine glass can enhance the taste of your wine. Thus, you should select wine glasses that maintain a cooler temperature and preserve floral aromas.

Flute glasses can also be used to serve wine. They have a streamlined look and a smaller surface area than other wine glasses. In addition, flute glasses are generally cheaper than other glasses that feature a larger bowl shape and may cause the wine to taste more spritzy.

Beer Glasses


There are many types of beer glassware, and each has a unique shape and function. Generally, beer glasses are designed to maintain the foam of your beer. There are also beer glasses that boost the colours, aroma, and flavour of the drink. You can read more about beer glasses in our dedicated Buying Guide for Beer Glasses as this range deserves its own dedicated article. 

Buy the Best Drinkware

Reward Hospitality New Zealand is a leading retailer of drinkware and bar solutions in Australia and New Zealand. We stock and supply various types of glassware to bars and licensed premises that serve spirits, cocktails, or wine. Browse our extensive ranges available online and contact us for more information or advice about our finance options, trade account applications, or further information about the services we provide to the Hospitality Industry


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