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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Beer Glasses

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Beer Glasses

Buying beer glasses can be a tricky business and there are many factors to consider. You want something that will look good in your bar, but also provide the best experience for your customers. We’ll cover some of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing beer glasses for your establishment. Don't forget to check out the link at the end of this article to Reward Hospitality's custom printing service available to showcase your brand on your glassware. 

Is Beer Better In A Glass Or A Bottle?

Beer served in a chilled glass is far superior to when it is served in a bottle where the head (or foam) doesn’t have a chance to form or expand properly. The foam acts to tap the flavours so some glasses are formulated for this. In other glassware, the mouth is quite large to promote the aroma of the beer. There are three main beer shapes with their own benefits.

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Tapered Beer Glasses

A Tapered Beer Glass has a large mouth that narrows toward the stem of the glass. The larger mouth allows for greater beer form formation which in turn enhances the aromas and texture of beers like lagers, dark, or malty beers.

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Alt or Shaker Beer Glasses

This is the most popular beer glass shape because it is easy to drink from, clean and stack. This shape of glassware is used in abundance across all types of beers and ales.

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Pint Beer Glasses

This glassware has a bulge under the rim of the glass designed to encourage a large foam head to enhance the aroma, taste & texture of the beer. It is popular with lagers and stout beers.

Quality Matters when selecting Beer Glasses

Before you begin your quest for new beer glasses, remember quality matters. Tempered glass is ideal for heavy-duty use in busy kitchens and bars. Glass that has been tempered can be up to 5 times stronger than an item that has not undergone this treatment. It can also withstand extreme temperature variations so glasses can be removed from a dishwasher and placed directly into a fridge without the risk of breaking.

Another benefit of tempered glass is the safety aspect when smashed or broken. Tempered glass breaks into small granules, that are not sharp, reducing the chance of injury or risk to the public. This makes them ideal for all food and beverage businesses as well as educational and aged care facilities that place a lot of focus on the safety of their patrons.

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What is a Nucleated Beer Glass?

A nucleated glass has an etched mark or image on the bottom of the beer glass. This rough surface collects the bubbles and slowly releases them to form the head of the beer. This type of glassware helps develop a fuller head of foam which enhances and elongates the life of the flavour of the beer.

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Beer Glasses in Australia

Reward Hospitality | Beer GlassThe bartender’s best friend is the pint glass. The standard size for a pint glass is 475ml which is enough to hold an entire beer and allow for the formation of the head. You will also find some slightly larger glasses on the market, like our Beer Ultimate Pint Glass which has a 570ml capacity.

If you head to your local neighbourhood pub, you will likely find they are using a conical pint, also known as an alt or shaker. These glasses provide easy drinking, washing, stacking, and storing. Think Altbier, Kolsch, bark and malty beers in these pint glasses.

Similar to the conical pint is the Nonic, also known as the Imperial or English pint. One of its most distinguishable features is the outward bulges on either side of the glass, allowing for a good grip. This pint usually holds 590mls and is a good choice for English ales and lagers.

Other Glasses to complement your Beer

Reward Hospitality | Beer GlassThe elegantly footed tulip glass curves upward and outward, with a wide rim, that flairs out. Aside from bringing beauty to the beer-drinking experience, this glass allows for a wider head and stimulates the full aroma of the beer. The tulip-shaped Beer Legend ranges Stem Glass by Aroroc is designed to capture the flavour of the finest beers for your most discerning drinkers. Serve Indian Pale Ales or strong Belgian ales in tulip glasses.

The Stange Beer Glass is also called a stick, roll, or rod glass. In fact, the word Stange in German means rod. This glass is long and straight as the name implies. The shape of the glass allows for a concentration of the beer’s aroma. Generally, the Stange holds 30ml of beer but larger vessels are available on the market today. It is typically used for beers such as Kolsch, a hybrid of ale and a lager.

Then, there is the Willi Belcher, named after the man from Germany who designed it. The rim curves slightly inward, enabling this glass to trap the beer’s aroma. This is a standard glass for most German lagers.

Taster or sampler glasses are a must in any bar or restaurant to encourage customers to expand their palates. Each holds between 75 to 175mls.

Reward Hospitality | Beer Glass

Add a beer-tasting option to your menu. This is a popular trend at the moment. 
Simply line 4-6 of these glasses on a serving board and watch your
customers sample your range of delicious brews.

The Beer Mug

Reward Hospitality | Beer GlassThe Beer Mug is a classic favourite, with its wide shape and a handle on the side. This ensures your hand never has to touch the glass, keeping the beer cold. The dimples you will find on some designs are purely decorative.

A close cousin of the beer mug is the Beer Stein. The word is adapted from the German word Steinzeuger, meaning stoneware, but you will find them in a variety of other materials, such as porcelain, pewter, or silver.

Today, the word stein, or seidel, can also just refer to a large glass mug, that holds a lot of beer. Think Octoberfest! In beer mugs, enjoy lagers, Scottish ales, or Irish dry stouts.

Speciality Beer Glasses

Reward Hospitality | Beer GlassThe Indian Pale Ale glass has a narrow base, which allows for a slow release of flavour, while the bulbous top helps retain it. The narrow rim reigns in the head of this beer.

The Pilsner and Footed Pilsner glass was created for the namesake beer. Drinkers can view the golden colour of their drink while appreciating the carbon bubbles it forms. Bartenders can also use the Pilsner glass for other light beers, of course.

Long and lean at the base, a Pilsner glass generally ranges from 300-415ml and has a fluted top. The footed Pilsner glass has a foot on the bottom that is generally less than an inch tall. Some believe this glass is more attractive to drink from.

Weizen glass, or wheat beer glass, is another tall vessel. Like the Pilsner, it has a curvier form, especially at the top. Typically, this type of glass is taller and wider at the top than a pint glass. The curved lip of the Weizen glass allows for a full head while allowing the aroma of wheat beer to please the palate.

Stout glass is a cross between a Guinness pint glass and a goblet. It was designed specifically for the complex flavour of stout beer. The Birrateque range 600ml Stout Porter Glass, by Luigi Bormiol, is scientifically designed to emphasise the beer’s aroma and flavour.

It also features a foam control system, to ensure a continual stream of bubbles and a fine head.

Latest trends in Beer Glasses

Reward Hospitality | Beer GlassBeer is much more complex today. This has led not only to more modern designs in beer glassware but also the use of other glasses, traditionally used for other beverages. Other trends you will find in beer glasses include the use of a snifter, and the glass used to serve cognac or brandy. This allows the drinker to swirl the drink and release aromas and is best for strong, bold beers.

Once reserved exclusively for wine, goblets and chalices are interchangeable names for the thick-stemmed glassware, with a bowl on top. Again, heavy beers are a good choice for these vessels. Think Belgian ales or German Bocks. For a classic look, with a sleek design, try the footed goblets by La Rochere Artois with an embossed floral pattern.

Flutes are not just for champagne! Their elongated shape makes them perfect for light beers. Cheers!

There are so many glasses that enhance the overall experience of enjoying a beer. Pick your favourite styles and start stocking your bar. Expand your collection beyond the pint glass to make your beer even more impressive to your customers.

Brand Your Beer Glasses

Take your brand to the next level by exploring our exceptional custom printing service. Engage in a conversation with our dedicated team of professionals who are eager to assist you. At Reward Hospitality New Zealand, we specialize in providing a range of custom printing solutions tailored specifically for your glassware, ensuring that your brand receives the attention it deserves. 

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