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Industry Solutions

Reward Hospitality provides comprehensive tailored industry solutions

Reward Hospitality is dedicated to serving various industries throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With over 30 locations and a team of territory managers and consultants have extensive experience in the hospitality, catering, healthcare, accommodation, education, leisure and entertainment sectors to name a few.

Our trans-Tasman reach ensures ease of consistency and compliance across your network. Multi-site organisations have access to a custom portal ensuring this is achieved and product procurement is standardised with the help of our expert team dedicated to your industry. 

We also facilitate services that complement our broad product range. These include custom printing, equipment advice, venue design, project and product consultation. Let us facilitate the heavy lifting for you and act as your one-stop-shop with our comprehensive suite of products and services tailored specifically for your industry. 

We provide tailored solutions for these industries

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