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Save on Soaring Cooking Oil Prices

Save on Soaring Cooking Oil Prices

The sharp rise in cooking oil prices worldwide may be affecting your business. With Ukraine and Russia accounting for nearly two-thirds of the world's oil supply, their ongoing conflict has created a shortage of oil, making it difficult for fish and chip shop owners and other businesses to source cooking oil. Sunflower oil prices in April this year rose to nearly four times the price in 2019, which can impact profitability for businesses in the food industry. It is essential to take action and explore alternatives such as different oils or cooking equipment to mitigate the impact on your business's budget. 

Why are cooking oil prices so high?

Sunflower and canola crops were hard hit by damaging weather conditions before the war, with canola crops affected by drought in Argentina and Canada. Indonesia, the world's largest producer of palm oil, responded to the cooking oil price crisis by banning the export of some types of oil.

The limited global supply is causing a surge in prices. Some restaurants are adopting technology to alleviate the oil cost. 

How you can save oil while not sacrificing quality

Frymaster FilterQuick deep fryers with built-in filtration use 40 per cent fewer oil costs and deliver great quality fried food every time. They do this by using oil more efficiently.
Frymaster Deep Fryer FilterQuick

The size of the fry pot minimises the amount of oil needed. The 15 Litre fry pot uses 40 per cent less oil to cook as much food as fry pots almost double the size.  Add to that the built-in filtration and restaurants can save even more.

A fry pot holding 15 litres of oil can cook 36 kg of French fries per hour.

Frymaster's self-filtration system can prolong the lifespan of your oil, meaning you won't have to change it as frequently. The fryer circulates the oil through the fry pot, which moves sediment to the filter pan for effortless disposal. The fryer takes charge of the entire process, reducing potential OH&S risks associated with manual handling.

The integrated oil quality sensor detects when the oil needs to be filtered, removing the guesswork. You no longer run the risk of cooking in old oil or throwing away fresh oil.

Frymaster Deep Fryer

Frymaster’s computer-controlled thermostat is accurate to 1 degree, making further savings on oil. The oil never burns. Also, recovery time happens while you cook, so there’s no downtime.

Frymaster deep fryers come in a range of models that can save you money in many other ways, too.

Frymaster Range

Frymaster gas open pot fryers are easy to clean as they have no tubes inside. Your staff clean the fryer as part of their routine, rather than interrupting your schedule.

The product is of a higher standard, as the oil is so fresh. Tender calamari and crunchy chicken schnitzels are cooked to the same consistency. So, you waste less food.

Your gas and electricity usage is 10 per cent less, so you also save on energy bills.

Using Frymaster results in a reduction of slips, burns, and scolds caused by hot oil, as the oil remains in the fryer and is not carried around the busy kitchen. This enhances the safety of your staff and may decrease the number of days they take off due to accidents in the kitchen.

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