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Custom Printing

Make a statement with Custom Printing

Custom printing is available for a variety of products including glassware, crockery, takeaway, coffee cups, napkins, coasters, paper bags, food packaging and so many more products available for purchase from Reward Hospitality.

Make a statement about your brand on all your merchandise and packaging to keep your business top-of-mind with existing and potential customers. This is an economical marketing tool that enables you to drive your brand recognition and customer loyalty with high-quality printed products. 

We can brand your purchases

Imprint your brand in your customers’ psyche by displaying your logo at every opportunity. We navigate numerous subliminal messages every day so it's vital you seize every opportunity to remind your customers that their extraordinary experience is imprinted in their memory with your branding. 

Our dedicated print team will guide you through the process, make recommendations and answer your questions ensuring you achieve the best results every time. We want to help your business prosper and our goal is to make your supply procurement (with your branding) as easy as possible.

Information you need to know

Product Type Min Order QTY Lead Time
Glassware 120 units 4 weeks
Napkins 50,000 sheets 14-16 weeks
Coffee Cups (Disposable) 30,000 - 50,000 units 8-10 weeks
Pizza Boxes 10,000 units 8-10 weeks
Greaseproof Paper 5,000 sheets 4 weeks
Coasters 5,000 units 4 weeks
Uniforms 3 units per style 4 weeks
Crockery (Local) 144 units 5-6 weeks
Crockery (Import) MOQ on application 14-16 weeks
Labels MOQ on application 4 weeks
Paper Bags MOQ on application 14-16 weeks
Cutlery Pouch MOQ on application 14-16 weeks

Print your business values on your packaging

Promoting your identity and the values of your business at every opportunity is an effective way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Many businesses have taken to highlighting their recycling and eco-friendly efforts. This is effective in this day and age when consumers align themselves with brands who share their values - environmental awareness being top of the list. 

Another strategy is promoting your community engagement by showcasing your support of local sporting clubs or charities. This encourages brand loyalty with your local customers.

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