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Get Great Returns on Your Hospitality Investment by Focusing on Cleanliness

Get Great Returns on Your Hospitality Investment by Focusing on Cleanliness

Operating a restaurant or cafe can be incredibly rewarding, but there are also challenges to overcome. Success in this industry demands lots of experience, plenty of hard work, and serious financial investment. If you want to make the most of your money and get more people through your door, it's important to focus on your customers. Along with great food and friendly customer service, the people who visit your establishment want to experience a welcoming environment. Beyond decor, atmosphere, or even furniture, the cleanliness of your space is the key.

In a post-pandemic world where the little things matter, having a clean business is the best way to build confidence.

The last few years have been incredibly challenging for the hospitality sector. Even now, when most places have opened their doors, the lingering nature of the pandemic continues to create problems. Along with a lack of certainty, staff limitations, and reduced foot traffic, businesses need to deal with heightened customer expectations around cleanliness. In an environment where health and safety concerns were already rising, COVID-19 has highlighted a growing need for robust and consistent cleaning practices.

Boosting confidence and loyalty through cleanliness

In the hospitality space, cleaning practices don't always get the attention they deserve. For many business owners, cleaning is something that happens almost automatically and without too much thought. Whether it's a daily wipe-down or a deep seasonal clean, this aspect of the business is rarely thought about. This attitude is a big mistake, however, as the cleanliness of your space is of vital importance to almost everyone who walks through your door.

When asked what was important to them in a recent survey from Ecolab, 83% of customers said maintaining a safe environment, followed by 80% who mentioned stopping the spread of germs, and 78% who said protecting family and friends.

Whether you run a small family diner or a fine dining restaurant, your ability to compete in the market is largely based on the guest experience you provide. In a brave new world that's increasingly concerned with hygiene, how you clean your premises has a huge role to play in this process. The following cleaning routines should be followed by all hospitality businesses:

  • Morning clean before opening
  • Consistent cleaning while you operate
  • Evening/late night clean after closing
  • Comprehensive end-of-week clean
  • Deep seasonal cleans throughout the year

Professional cleaning demands high-quality equipment, and Reward Hospitality has everything you need. We have janitorial equipment, hand washing supplies, and safety equipment to keep your workers protected.

Certification with Reward Hospitality and Ecolab

Along with cleaning your restaurant or cafe on a regular basis, there are other ways to show your commitment and build confidence among customers and employees. While there's nothing more important than doing the work, our partner Ecolab goes further by offering a certification program. This science-based public health and food safety program is designed to give your employees and guests full confidence in your operation.

This program combines hospital disinfectants and sanitisers with comprehensive public health and food safety training. It includes periodic auditing to help identify problem areas and address relevant consumer expectations. This comprehensive certification system is a great way to provide clarity and confidence to your staff and customers.

According to Ecolab:

  • 73% of consumers surveyed said an Ecolab Science Certified seal told them a business cared about their health.
  • 64% of customers would be more likely to consider visiting a business with an Ecolab Science Certified in place.

Reward Hospitality New Zealand will help you find the right hospitality supplies and equipment

If you want to show your customers that you care about their health, safety, and happiness, there's no better way than to keep your business clean. From regular scrubbing to seasonal overhauls, from elbow grease to certification, showing a commitment to cleanliness is one of the best ways to show respect for your customer base. If you're looking for the very best in hospitality supplies and equipment, please review our website or contact Reward Hospitality today. 

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