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Selecting Outdoor Furniture For Your Space

Selecting Outdoor Furniture For Your Space
Looking for some help on how to decide on your furniture? It can become quite a challenge with so many choices! We have put together a furniture buying guide that lays out all the major options for you. Use this guide to help refine your decision-making for your business's furniture.

Table Sets

Answer these questions to narrow down your restaurant and table search options:

What sizes/shapes do you want?

Outfitting a restaurant? Think about how you want your layout to look. Plan for tables that can be moved around and put together easily for larger parties.

Do you need indoor or outdoor seating (or both)?

Choose tables that reflect your intended use. Ensure that any tables for outdoor use can stand up to the elements.

How high do you want to sit?

Ensure that your table height matches the chairs or stools you use. In some cases, you can customise tabletops and bases to get the exact specifications you want. Don't forget to purchase tables at the right height. This may vary based on your particular needs:

Standard table height measures around 711 mm - 762 mm.
Counter height tables measure 863 mm - 914 mm.
Bar height tables measure 1,016 mm - 1,067 mm.


Much of your decision about chairs will connect with their functionality and style. You want chairs to remain durable and comfortable for your patrons. But you also want to find options that are fairly lightweight and easy to clean. Remember to match your chair heights with your table heights (in seat height – the measurement to the seat itself, not the chair top)! Remember to match your chair heights with your table heights (in seat height – the measurement to the seat itself, not the chair top)!

Standard table chairs measure 457 mm - 584 mm.
Counter height chairs are usually 610 mm - 660 mm.
Bar height chairs stand 711 mm - 762 mm.

Just like tables, you’ll also want to choose chairs that match your use. For example, for outdoor chairs, you should probably choose lightweight, stackable solutions. 


Stools provide another great choice in terms of customer seating. Some restaurants and cafes may opt for all-stool seating. More often, you’ll see stools placed at the bar or the bar section of a restaurant as well as in many outdoor seating areas. Like chairs, stools need to comfortably seat your customers based on the table height. Remember to verify the stool seat height to the tables and counters you will place them. This is especially important when mixing and matching tabletops and table bases. Make sure the combination height will match your seating!

Need more help? Try Custom Venue Design

Sometimes, the prospect of choosing your furniture and layout can quickly become overwhelming. With such a broad range of furniture at Reward Hospitality, we understand the challenge!

Fortunately, if you don’t know where to start – we can help. We offer custom venue design for all types of businesses:

Cafes and Bakeries
Bed and breakfasts

Our team of experts can take your ideas and transform them into a functional and beautiful design. We'll show you options that work for your business. From there, you can watch your vision turn into your dream business.

Reward Hospitality: your Source for Furniture Solutions

Ready to get started on outfitting your business? Reward Hospitality's range of furniture and equipment makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

We offer simplicity in the buying process so you don't have to worry. And with financing options available, we have just what you need that stays within your budget.

Call your Reward Hospitality NZ Locations today or feel free to send us a message at your convenience. We can even schedule a visit from one of our National Equipment Team members to discuss your ideas in person. We look forward to hearing from you!

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