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BnB Guest Room Amenities

BnB Guest Room Amenities

The key to running a successful BnB or other small-scale accommodation is to take care of all your guests’ basic needs. This means ensuring your guest rooms contain all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and satisfying stay.

It’s important to invest in quality items for your rooms, too. Not only will this enhance your guests’ overall experience, but it will also set you on the path to becoming an excellent host. To help you understand which bedroom amenities are must-haves, we’ve put together this buying guide for BnB owners. Read on to see if you’ve got all the essentials covered so that even your fussiest guests will love staying with you.

Beds and bedding

All bed and breakfast establishments have one thing in common: they provide guests with a bed. Make sure your beds are decent ones so your guests can get a good night’s sleep. Well-rested guests are happy guests. Invest in quality bedding, too – this includes linens, pillows, quilts, blankets and mattress protectors. It goes without saying that bed linen should always be freshly laundered for new guests.

Also, be generous and provide at least two pillows per guest and one extra blanket per guest. That way, you’ll satisfy people who need additional cushioning or feel the cold easily.

Bedroom accessories

Besides providing a comfortable bed with quality bedding, you can make your guests’ stay more pleasant by adding other essential items to their room. These include:

  • Luggage rack – give them somewhere to put their bags for easy unpacking
  • Clothes hangers – up to 10 quality hangers per guest is usually more than enough
  • Iron – look for features such as easy-to-use and automatic safety cut-off for extra security
  • Ironing board – choose one that folds up flat for neat and compact storage
  • Desk lamp – this one has a very handy USB output for charging mobile devices
  • Bin with bin liners – help them keep their room neat and tidy
  • Universal adapter for guests from overseas
  • Slippers – encourage guests to remove their shoes. This will also keep floors cleaner and more hygienic
  • Laundry sachets – provide small quantities of laundry detergent in case guests need to do some emergency laundry
  • Clothes horse or clothes drying rack – if your guests are likely to go swimming, they’ll appreciate having somewhere to hang their wet swimming gear and beach towels.

Family-friendly amenities

To make your BnB more family-friendly, consider buying the following items for guests with small children:

Before and after breakfast

You’ll probably serve breakfast to your guests in another part of your small hotel. However, guests will get hungry and thirsty before and after breakfast, so set up an area in their bedroom or create a tea and coffee-making station near their bedroom. The basic amenities you'll need include:

You may also want to provide a mini-fridge and microwave if your BnB isn't near restaurants and cafes.

Explore Reward Hospitality’s collection of BnB bedroom amenities

It isn’t always easy to find bedroom amenities that fit the needs and budget of your BnB or small hotel. Reward Hospitality changes all that. Scroll through our online catalogue or contact our helpful team of consultants today. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about hospitality products and supplies.

When you purchase your BnB guest room facilities from Reward Hospitality, you’ll be rewarded with quality items, affordable prices and excellent customer service. Reach out today – we're a one-stop shop for all your BnB bedroom amenities.

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