Warranty Statement

For “Peace of Mind” we offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all products we sell.
Please refer to our warranty information chart for quick reference. Some of our suppliers prefer that they be contacted directly for a warranty. Specific brands that have this requirement have been identified on the warranty information chart.

Time of Attendance 

All warranty related work must be carried out during normal business hours (7.30 am - 4.00 pm)

Any warranty related work carried out outside of these hours, on weekends or and on public holidays due to urgency and because of the nature of the business, will be chargeable.

Travel is only covered up to 50kms to the nearest service agent.

Start & End Date of Cover
Warranty cover on your product starts from the date the product was installed/commissioned (where applicable)or the date of sale/date of sale invoice (where installation/commissioning is not required ie. Plug in units).

The end date of cover will be in accordance with the term for which it is covered (as determined on our warranty information chart).

No “grace period” will be applicable at the end of the warranty coverage period, unless agreed in writing.

Delay in install/Commissioning of Purchased Product
If a product purchased from us has not been installed /commissioned within 1 month from purchase/delivery, the warranty start date will default to the date of sale (invoice date)/delivery date, whichever comes first.

In the event of a product being purchased from us and put into storage for install/commissioning at a later date, Burns & Ferrall will not be responsible for any defects found in the product or non-performance to meet the requirements of the purchaser when finally installed/commissioned. The product must be checked when delivered and Burns & Ferrall informed about any defects/damages immediately.

Non-performance of the product due to storage conditions will not be considered as a “warranty issue”.  

a) All equipment sold by Burns & Ferrall must be installed/commissioned by Burns& Ferrall only (where installation/commissioning is applicable).

b) Equipment must be installed in accordance with the applicable legislation and by a trained B&F technician or a Burns & Ferrall authorised agent, to meet the specific requirements of the manufacturer.

c) Equipment sold by Burns & Ferrall but installed/commissioned by the customers appointed service technician will result in the manufacturer’s warranty being null and void.

d) The benefit of additional warranty cover can be availed for specific products, subject to the unit being commissioned by a Burns & Ferrall trained technician or their authorised service agent. The commissioning form must be received within 10 days to facilitate your product being registered on the supplier’s portal to acquire additional warranty cover.

e) All gas equipment must be certified prior to commissioning and first use as well as after.

f) All equipment sold by Burns & Ferrall or a reseller must be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations. Preventative maintenance agreements need to be in place where linked to a special warranty provided by Burns & Ferrall.

g) When contacting us to log a warranty job/claim, please ensure you have a copy of the proof of purchase available to provide our service team with.

h) In the event that the work carried out on site is partially warranty related and partially not, you will only be expected to pay for the non-warranty-related part of the job.

a) Non-functionality due to incorrect positioning of the unit where installed and approved by the customer will not be covered under warranty.

b) No claims will be logged by our service team in the absence of receiving a copy of the proof of purchase by email.

c) For all warranty-related callouts, our trained technicians sent on-site first determine if the issue is warranty related or not. If the findings of the service technician result in the reason for the call out being non-warranty related, full charges will apply. Please ensure you have an account with us to make payment (where applicable). In the event of you not having an account with us, a $600 deposit will be requested until we receive the report from the service technician to determine if the work carried out on the call-out was warranty related or not.

d) A call out for warranty work resulting from non-maintenance of the product or user error will be chargeable.

e) Visits to the site where the equipment just had to be reset or was tested and found to be working the way it should be will be chargeable. The warranty does not cover visits to sites where no warranty-related work was carried out.

Items not covered under warranty but not limited to
a) Consumables eg. bulbs, fuses, gaskets, seals, external power extension board, o-rings or any other rubberised/silicon component.

b) Cosmetic look/finish.

c) Normal wear and tear.

d) Issues relating to any adjustments/modifications /unauthorised changes made to the original equipment.

e) Extensions to the unit causing dysfunction.

f) Issues arising from the unit being uninstalled after installation by Burns & Ferrall and reinstalled by a non-authorised service agent.

g) Non-maintenance of the unit to meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

h) Replacement of original parts with non-original/2nd hand parts causing issues with the functionality of the equipment.

i) Indirect losses such as product, sales, profit or time caused due to breakdown of equipment.

j) Issues related to incorrect plumbing, water quality, limescale build-up causing poor deliverance of equipment performance.

k) Damage to equipment caused by moisture, steam, water.

l) No claims will be entertained in the event of the customer appointing an outside service agent to carry out work on a unit and looking for costs to be reimbursed.

m) While the unit is under warranty, in the event of the customer authorizing an outside agent to first carry out repairs and then contacting Burns & Ferrall to carry out further repairs, all expenses for the visit to the site will have to be paid by the customer and will not be warranty claimable.

Advantages of signing up for Planned Maintenance
If you sign up with Burns & Ferrall for “Preventative Maintenance” (where applicable for certain appliances) on equipment when purchased, it will ensure regular &proper maintenance by product-specific trained technicians, to meet the requirements of the manufacturer. This will increase the reliability and longevity of the product.

Please note, planned maintenance is not something that is covered under warranty.

Planned maintenance carried out during the warranty period of the equipment is not warranty claimable.