TurboChef Speed Oven Sota Touch I1-9500-404-AU

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Product Description

The TurboChef Speed Oven Sota Touch I1-9500-404-AU is a powerful and energy-efficient cooking appliance designed to deliver exceptional cooking results quickly and consistently. With its advanced capacitive touch controls, this oven offers a manual mode, language customization, and integrated tutorials for optimal use and maintenance. The Sota oven also features data logging for troubleshooting and inventory management, ensuring seamless kitchen operations. Its dual motors deliver vertically-recirculated air impingement, providing even and consistent cooking across all types of dishes. The compact design, measuring only 16 inches wide, allows for a small footprint while maintaining high performance. Standard accessories include a bottle of oven cleaner, a bottle of oven guard, two trigger sprayers, two solid aluminum pans, and one aluminum paddle, making it a complete solution for efficient and effective cooking.


  • Top-launched microwave for quick heating
  • Stirred air impingement from the top and bottom
  • Compact design with a 16-inch wide footprint
  • Ventless operation with UL (KNLZ) certification
  • Capacitive touch controls with manual mode
  • Language customization and integrated tutorials
  • Data logging for troubleshooting and inventory management
  • Comes with standard accessories: oven cleaner, oven guard, trigger sprayers, solid aluminum pans, and aluminum paddle

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