Speed Oven Double Batch 704x806x1179mm

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Product Description

The TurboChef Speed Oven Double Batch (704x806x1179mm) revolutionizes batch cooking with its advanced ventless air impingement technology, reducing cook times by 40-50% compared to traditional methods. Designed for convenience stores, casual dining, military facilities, quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and theatres, this oven offers unmatched throughput for your countertop. The Double Batch model features two independent cooking cavities, each capable of circulating impinged air at speeds up to 50 mph for rapid and even cooking. The variable-speed blowers and oscillating racks ensure high heat transfer rates without hotspots, maintaining food quality while minimizing energy consumption. With a catalytic converter, the oven operates ventlessly, eliminating grease-laden vapor and making it a certified non-grease-emitting appliance. The oven supports half-sheet pans and 16-inch pizzas, making it versatile for various applications. It also boasts a smart menu system capable of storing up to 800 recipes (400 per cavity), self-diagnostics for monitoring performance, and compatibility with USB and Wi-Fi for easy updates and control. The TurboChef Speed Oven Double Batch is a powerful, efficient, and versatile cooking solution for any commercial kitchen.


  • Two independent cooking cavities
  • Ventless air impingement technology reduces cook times by 40-50%
  • Variable-speed high-recirculating air impingement system
  • Oscillating racks for high heat transfer without hotspots
  • Supports half-sheet pans and 16-inch pizzas
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 800 recipes (400 per cavity)
  • Self-diagnostics for monitoring components and performance
  • USB and Wi-Fi compatibility for easy updates and control
  • Certified non-grease-emitting appliance with catalytic converter
  • Compact design: 704x806x1179mm

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