Rational Roasting & Baking Tray 400x600 mm

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Product Description

This multi-functional Rational Baking Tray, measuring 400x600mm, is an essential tool for any commercial kitchen. It’s perfect for baking bread rolls, croissants, pastries, and much more with exceptional speed and uniform browning. Featuring a durable TriLax non-stick coating, this tray ensures easy food release and quick cleaning, making it ideal for high-volume kitchens. Compatible with both Rational iCombi Classic and iCombi Pro models, this tray is designed to enhance your baking efficiency.


  • Size: 2/3 GN (400x600mm) for ample baking space.
  • Non-Perforated Design: Ensures even cooking and browning.
  • TriLax Non-Stick Coating: Prevents food from sticking and simplifies cleaning.
  • Temperature Resistant: Suitable for use at temperatures up to 300°C.
  • Compatibility: Fits Rational iCombi Classic and iCombi Pro models, integrating seamlessly into your kitchen workflow.


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