Rational Portion Basket Kit for Ivario 2-S

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Product Description

The RATIONAL Portion Basket Kit for iVario 2-S is an essential accessory designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your iVario 2-S cooking system. This kit includes a set of portion baskets crafted to optimize food preparation processes in professional kitchens, ensuring precise portioning and consistent cooking results.

Each portion basket is constructed from durable materials, capable of withstanding high temperatures and rigorous use. The baskets feature ergonomic handles for easy handling and safe transport of food items. Designed to fit seamlessly within the iVario 2-S cooking vessel, these baskets facilitate efficient cooking, steaming, and draining of ingredients, enhancing operational efficiency and culinary precision.


  • Essential accessory kit for the RATIONAL iVario 2-S cooking system
  • Includes portion baskets for precise portioning and cooking
  • Durable construction suitable for high temperatures and heavy-duty use
  • Ergonomic handles for safe and easy food handling
  • Optimizes cooking, steaming, and draining processes
  • Ideal for professional kitchens seeking enhanced operational efficiency

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