Rational Ivario Pro 150LIVPXL-P Cooking Centre 150L

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Product Description

The Rational iVario Cooking Centre is a revolutionary kitchen system that replaces traditional pots, stoves, and deep fryers with one highly efficient appliance. Its innovative iCookingSuite technology automatically detects the size and quantity of food, adjusting settings to ensure consistent, high-quality results. The boost heating system allows you to heat specific segments within the pan, enabling the simultaneous cooking of different products.

Beyond its efficiency, the iVario is designed with ergonomics in mind. Auto-lift arms safely lower and raise baskets in and out of boiling water or oil, preventing burns and spills. Its tilting mechanism and automatic water inlet help avoid back strain and injuries associated with handling hot liquids.

The pressure cooking function accelerates braising, boiling, and stewing by up to 35%, thanks to an internal locking system that maintains the integrity of your food. Upgrade your kitchen with the Rational iVario and achieve consistently excellent culinary results with minimal effort.


  • iCookingSuite: Automatically adjusts cooking settings based on the requirements of the food, ensuring precision and consistency.
  • iZoneControl: Divides the iVario into four customizable zones, allowing you to choose the size, position, and shape of each cooking area.
  • Pressure Cooking: Speeds up cooking processes for braising, boiling, and stewing by up to 35%, ensuring faster meal preparation.


  • Easy to operate, delivering consistently high-quality food.
  • Prevents sticking and boiling over, maintaining consistent food quality.
  • Heats only necessary sections of the pan base, offering flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • Increases capacity, reduces cooking times, and boosts productivity.


  • Capacity: 150 liters
  • Meals Per Day: Suitable for 100 to 500 meals daily
  • Dimensions: 1365 mm (width) x 894 mm (depth) x 608 mm without stand (1078 mm with stand) (height)
  • Design: Top-only with pressure cooking option
  • Warranty: 12 months for parts and labor
  • Zone Division: Divides pan base into four zones
  • Cooking Surface: 60 dm²


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