Rational Icombi Pro ICP-102-E-MOR Electric Combi Oven

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Product Description

The iCombi Pro isn't just an ordinary combi oven; it's a culinary revolution that is transforming commercial kitchens globally. With the ability to bake, fry, grill, steam, and poach using cutting-edge technology, this intelligent kitchen appliance is set to redefine your cooking experience.


  • Streamline Your Culinary Processes: Harness the latest technology to streamline your cooking. The iCombi Pro not only cooks but also understands your ingredients, adjusting its settings to achieve your desired results consistently.
  • Perfect for Large Restaurants: Designed for high-capacity kitchens, the iCombi Pro can accommodate ten GN 2/1 trays and serve 150 to 300 meals per day, making it ideal for large restaurants.
  • Intelligent Assistants: The iCombi Pro includes smart assistants to elevate your cooking:
    • iDensityControl: This intelligent climate management system ensures an optimal cooking chamber environment by combining sensors, a high-performance heating system, and live steam generation for superior productivity, food quality, and energy efficiency.
    • iCookingSuite: Choose from seven operating modes and four cooking methods to specify your desired outcomes. Intelligent sensors adjust key parameters like temperature and cooking time to ensure optimal quality and speed.
    • iProductionManager: Organize your cooking processes efficiently, cook different dishes simultaneously, manage food insertion and removal, and optimize for either energy or time efficiency, saving time and resources while maintaining food quality.
    • iCareSystem: This system simplifies cleaning and descaling by detecting dirt and scale levels and recommending the appropriate cleaning routine. Enjoy ultra-fast intermediate cleaning in just 12 minutes and unsupervised overnight cleaning for convenience and hygiene.
  • Enhanced Cooking Functions: The iCombi Pro offers advanced features like effective steam generation, a PowerSteam function for Asian cuisine, an integrated grease separation system, a cool-down function, a core temperature probe with automatic error correction, Delta-T cooking for gentle food preparation, and precise steam control. It also includes a digital display for monitoring and energy-efficient LED lighting for quick food assessment.
  • Occupational and Operational Safety: The iCombi Pro prioritizes safety with electronic temperature limiters, integrated fan wheel brakes, and a maximum cabinet door temperature of 73°C. It uses Active Green Cleaner Tabs for safe cleaning and provides HACCP data storage via USB or the cloud-based ConnectedCooking network.
  • Networking for Efficiency: With integrated Ethernet, WLAN, and USB interfaces, the iCombi Pro connects to the cloud-based ConnectedCooking network, allowing easy management of recipes, programs, and maintenance tasks.
  • Effortless Cleaning and Care: The iCombi Pro features a non-mains pressure-dependent automatic cleaning system, a quick 12-minute cleaning cycle, and a hygienic design with stainless steel construction, a seamless cooking chamber, and IPX5 protection for easy and safe cleaning.


  • Meals Per Day: Designed for 150 to 300 meals daily
  • Power: 415 V, 40.6 kW, 63 A
  • Dimensions (Body): 1072 x 1014 x 975 mm
  • Dimensions (Complete): 1072 x 1064 x 1042 mm
  • Dimensions (Packaging): 1175 x 1250 x 1155 mm
  • Weight: 179 kg
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 2 years for both parts and labor
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Gastronorm Capacity: 10 x 1/1 GN
  • Combi Range: iCombi Pro


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