Rational Icombi Pro ICP-101-E-MOR-FD Electric Combi Oven

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Product Description

The Rational iCombi Pro ICP-101-E-MOR-FD Electric Combi Oven is a marvel of compact efficiency designed to transform your kitchen operations. This state-of-the-art oven delivers outstanding cooking performance while optimizing space and significantly reducing energy consumption.


  • Compact Space-Saving Design: Efficiently fits into less than 1 square meter, maximizing your kitchen space.
  • 50% Larger Load Capacity: Supports larger cooking batches, enhancing overall kitchen efficiency.
  • Energy-Efficient: Reduces energy consumption by 10% without sacrificing exceptional cooking results.
  • Water Filter Included: Ensures the purity of water used in the cooking process for optimal food quality.
  • Meals Per Day: Capable of preparing 80-150 meals daily, catering to high-volume operations.
  • LED Lighting with Rack Signaling: Energy-efficient LED lighting provides clear visibility, with rack signaling for efficient workflow.
  • Intelligent 6-Point Core Probe: Offers precise temperature monitoring for accurate cooking.
  • Dynamic Air Circulation and Dehumidification: Maintains optimal cooking conditions with effective air circulation and moisture control.
  • High Temperature Capability: The cooking cabinet reaches up to 300°C for versatile cooking applications.
  • Integrated Hand Shower: Features a built-in hand shower with jet and spray functions for easy cleaning.
  • Fresh Steam Generator: Provides fresh steam for consistent and quality cooking performance.
  • Triple-Glazed Cooking Cabinet Door: Offers superior insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Energy Consumption Display: Allows for real-time monitoring of energy usage, promoting efficient operation.
  • Drainage Kit and Hose Supplied: Includes a drainage kit and hose for simplified maintenance and hygiene.


  • Brand: Rational
  • Height: 1064 mm
  • Depth: 842 mm
  • Width: 850 mm
  • Product Type: Combi Oven
  • Tray Capacity: 1/1 GN
  • Model: ICP-101-E-MOR (Model ICP101)


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