Rational iCombi Care Tabs Blue Pail - 150 tablets

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Product Description

These tablets are specially designed for iCombi Pro and iCombi Classic Units. With 150 tablets per pail, these care tabs are essential for ensuring operational reliability and protecting your equipment against limescale buildup.


  • Active Equipment Protection: Highly effective care tablets that actively safeguard your iCombi units, significantly extending their service life and preventing premature wear and tear.
  • Compatibility Assurance: Specifically designed for Rational iCombi Pro and iCombi Classic units equipped with a care control feature, ensuring seamless integration into your maintenance routine.
  • Scale-Dissolving Power: Contains special ingredients that effectively dissolve existing limescale and prevent future buildup, keeping your equipment running smoothly.
  • Water Softener Alternative: Provides maximum operational reliability without the need for a water softener, eliminating the hassle of descaling and saving time and resources.


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