Rational ICC-61-E-HR Electric Combi Oven

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Product Description

Experience unparalleled kitchen efficiency with the iCombi Classic, a robust, powerful, and user-friendly appliance designed to revolutionize your culinary workspace. This all-in-one unit replaces the need for multiple kitchen appliances such as pots, grills, ovens, and steamers, saving you valuable space and reducing costs.

Specifically crafted for restaurant environments, the iCombi Classic, available in an electric model, can accommodate six GN 1/1 trays, catering to a daily meal output of 30 to 100 servings. With its programmable interface, you can create up to 100 custom cooking programs, each with a maximum of 12 steps, stored conveniently in the program library for easy access. The device also supports data saving and transfer via USB, or you can choose to operate the iCombi manually, giving you complete control over the cooking process.


Intelligent Functions:

  • Intelligent Climate Management: This feature offers precise moisture measurement, setting, and control, creating the ideal cooking environment.
  • Dynamic Air Turbulence: Equipped with two high-performance, reversing fan wheels with five adjustable speeds, ensuring even cooking results.
  • Automatic Cooking Path Adjustment: The iCombi Classic adjusts cooking steps automatically to achieve the desired results, including browning and cooking degree.
  • Precise Monitoring of Browning: Uses the Maillard reaction to calculate optimal browning for perfect cooking results.
  • Programmable Flexibility: Allows for the creation of up to 100 custom cooking programs with up to 12 steps each, easily accessible and transferable via USB.

Cooking Functions:

  • Effective Steam Generation: Provides excellent steam performance, even at low temperatures below 100°C.
  • PowerSteam Function: Enhances steam output for specific cuisine needs, like Asian cooking.
  • Grease Separation System: Integrated, maintenance-free system that eliminates the need for an additional grease filter.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Features digital temperature displays in °C or °F, with real-time monitoring of cooking chamber humidity and time.
  • Energy-Saving Features Energy-efficient LED lighting aids in quick food status checks.

Occupational and OpeRational Safety:

  • Safety Features Includes electronic safety temperature limiters, integrated fan wheel brakes, and a maximum door temperature of 73°C for safe operation.
  • HACCP Data Storage: Supports HACCP data storage via USB or the ConnectedCooking cloud-based solution.


  • Connectivity: Integrated Ethernet and WLAN interfaces allow seamless connection to the ConnectedCooking cloud-based networking solution for easy management of recipes, programs, HACCP data, and maintenance.

Cleaning and Care:

  • Automatic Cleaning and Care: Features a non-mains pressure dependent system for cleaning and maintaining the cooking cabinet and steam generator.
  • Fast Cleaning: Ultra-fast cleaning cycle completes in just 12 minutes.
  • Hygienic Design: Built with stainless steel and a seamless cooking chamber, featuring IPX5 protection for easy and safe cleaning.


  • Meals Per Day: 30-100
  • Material: Stainless Steel Grade: 304
  • Power: 10.8 kW
  • Voltage: 415V
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 2 years Parts & Labour
  • Weight: 93 KG (without packaging)
  • Power Supply: 3 Phase - Requires installation by a qualified electrician
  • Dimensions (complete): 850 mm (W) x 804 mm (H) x 842 mm (D)
  • Dimensions (body): 850 mm (W) x 754 mm (H) x 775 mm (D)
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Gastronorm Capacity: 6 x 1/1 GN / 12 x 1/2 GN
  • Combi Range: iCombi Pro


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