How to set up digital menu in your venue

How to set up digital menu in your venue

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Australian hospitality industry to drastically change the way it does things. There’s been an explosion in the use of hand sanitisers, cutlery pouches and new rules on table distancing. Another seismic change is the ditching of printed menus in favour of QR code menus.

What is a QR code menu? It’s a digital menu that customers can browse by scanning a QR code on their mobile phones. But it doesn’t stop there. Customers can also place their order and pay for it directly on an app or webpage on their smartphone. This contactless ordering experience makes eating out much safer for everyone.

Before we explain how to set up contactless table ordering in your venue, let’s look at some of the main benefits it offers.

Benefits of contactless table ordering

Safer and more hygienic

Digital menus reduce the spread of COVID and other infectious viruses and diseases, creating safer and more hygienic hospitality venues for both diners and staff.

Quick, easy access to menus

Digital menus mean customers no longer have to wait their turn for a printed one – and wait staff won’t need to hand out individual menus to each table. However, your staff may need to explain how to use contactless ordering to some customers. Nonetheless, with faster, easier access to the menu, wait times in your hospitality venue will go down.

Streamlined workflows

Contactless menus help to streamline restaurant workflow. If customers can order food and drinks for themselves and then pay the bill via the app, staff can focus on getting meals out to guests more quickly. And since guests tap in their own orders, there’s no risk of staff making errors on orders.

Increased average order value 

Data suggests customers order more when they place their order through an app. There seem to be two main reasons for this. First, digital platforms allow venues to upsell and cross-sell items more effectively. Secondly, customers can reorder beverages or side dishes or add to their orders more quickly.

More up-to-date menus

Another benefit of QR code menus is flexibility. It’s easier to update prices and items or make other last-minute changes. You can also mark items with a wait time. The cost of printing menus and replacing them periodically becomes a non-issue when your venue goes digital with its menu.

Suppliers of digital menus

Below is a short list of popular QR table ordering apps in Australia along with a brief look at their individual highlights:

  • me&u – lets you create and customise your own digital menu
  • Mr Yum – gives you access to excellent customer support
  • Lightspeed Ordering (powered by Bopple) – offers low transaction fees
  • Loke – you can set up and launch within 24 hours
  • Order Mate  – lets you conveniently manage multiple sites from a single platform
  • Order up and Aus Venue – customers don’t have to download an app
  • Hungry Hungry – available in multiple languages

How to choose the right digital menu supplier

Choosing the right digital menu supplier for your hospitality venue is important. You want a contactless table ordering system that suits the way you operate. Some key things to consider include:


Make sure you fully understand the pricing structure. Most digital menu providers charge a fixed monthly subscription fee plus a transaction fee (a percentage per order). Other providers skip the monthly subscription fee but charge a higher transaction fee. It’s worth doing some calculations to compare different table ordering platforms before making a final choice.

Easy integration

You’ll want to choose a go-to-market contactless solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing POS.

Ease of use for customers and staff

Your contactless at-table ordering system must be easy to use for both customers and staff. It should be intuitive, straightforward and reliable.

Customer support

Always choose a digital menu supplier that prioritises customer service and support and has a solid understanding of your unique business needs.

Expert advice

If you’d like more advice on setting up contactless table ordering at your venue, contact our experienced customer service team today. We’re always happy to help.