Advantages Of New Vs Second-Hand Equipment

Advantages Of New Vs Second-Hand Equipment

Upgrading and purchasing new equipment is part and parcel of helping your business grow. You may need to purchase newer technology to supplement your business and it can be difficult to decipher if it’s best to go with a new or second-hand piece of equipment to get the job done.  The benefit of second-hand (hand-me-down) pieces of equipment is one – the price. That’s pretty much all it comes down to. It may do the job but for how long and for what lifetime expense?

A new piece of equipment brings with it many benefits. There are so many facets to consider. From morale to your team from having a shiny new piece of functional equipment; To the productivity, efficiency and new technologies on offer; And the array of leasing and financial assistance services on offer. There’s a lot to consider and we unravel the pros of purchasing used versus new equipment below.  

New equipment increases productivity and efficiency

Upgrading your equipment to new increases productivity and efficiency with little effort. There are many reasons this occurs:

  • It increases staff morale and enthusiasm
  • Technological advances improve productivity
  • Less time is spent repairing new equipment vs used
  • New equipment comes with warranties providing less risk to your business
  • Equipment can be leased or purchased as a trial before you buy reducing the risk.

Enhance the working environment with new equipment

It can be a mundane task turning up for work as a chef each day to repeat what you did yesterday again. Imagine being a baker returning to knead the same ingredients over and over again, or a prep cook arriving to peal another 300 carrots for the evening menu. 

Now, let’s take those routine shifts and insert a brand-new shiny piece of equipment into the mix. We can already feel the energy, excitement, and motivation from the team in this scenario. Replace that equipment with a used model that’s a little rough around the edges. It works great, but it’s no different to what you already had (albeit a working model).  Can you see the difference on each occasion? 

We’ll get onto the practicalities of new vs old equipment but one thing we’d like to highlight before we move on is the supplementary increase in productivity and efficiency you’ll encounter when introducing a brand-spanking-new piece of equipment to your workforce in comparison to one which is used. The impact it will have on your team’s performance is so profound it deserves mention when comparing the two options. 

Technological advances in new equipment versus used

If your business is growing, or wants to grow, it is definitely worth considering new equipment based on technological advances. The scientific know-how that has gone into manufacturing microwavescoffee machinescombi ovensdishwashershospital & aged care sanitisers, and so much more has advanced more than those produced five years ago. This requires significant consideration if you’re planning on purchasing commercial equipment or appliances for your growing business. 

A lot of research has gone into time-saving, space-saving, and power-saving improvements in large equipment and appliances in comparison to their aged counterparts. Sure, a used appliance will save you money up-front. But, if you add up the time, convenience, and economic investment you’ll save on a new appliance versus one that is aged you may be surprised by how much you’ll invest in the long term based on time, space, and economy. 

As an example, a new combi oven will far outperform one that is five years old. As well as a microwaveblender and food processor. Scientific research that has produced modern models far exceeds the technology you’ll find in older models of this equipment. 

Workplace safety is not compromised with new equipment

As we’ve mentioned, safety has improved significantly in appliances and large equipment used in kitchens over the years. This is a consideration that needs to be at the forefront when deciding between new or used equipment. 

Commercial ovens have evolved to contain a triple glass barrier in the window to not only contain the heat but make it cooler to touch as well. While this is an energy-saving endeavour, it has the supplementary benefit of making the glass and handles cool to the touch.

To drive the message home about technological advances making busy kitchens safer, the advances in food preparation processors and blenders are phenomenal when it comes to increasing safety in these environments. 

One example of a range of products that have achieved this is the current range of food processors available in the market. These companies recognise the risk of complacency, and the presence of young inexperienced food preparers, so they have invested significant research into special attachments that stop the machine when the lever is lifted. Once the lever is lowered, the machine restarts (with the exception of when the lever has been up for more than five seconds). In that instance, the processor has to be restarted. This is an operational advancement keeping safety at the forefront in these devices which you won't find in aged appliances. 

This simple addition has saved numerous fingers and businesses' medical fees (as well as leave, HR processes, and countless other activities) many times over. This is not a feature that is available in used equipment and it’s an example of workplace safety advancements available in the choice of purchasing new equipment

The security of warranties on new equipment

One of the added benefits of purchasing new equipment second-hand is the warranties on offer. Used equipment may come with a warranty but it’s for a very short window of time for good reason – repairs are more common in second-hand equipment. 

New equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect it from potential failures and in many cases, these warranties are extended. The manufacturers are in business too and they want you to have the best possible experience with your equipment so you’ll purchase from them again and tell many others about your awesome experience. 

Equipment warranties give you peace of mind that you have help and support if you encounter an issue with your appliance. There are no surprises. If your new equipment fails you for whatever reason in the honeymoon period of your purchase, there’s a dedicated and experienced technician on standby to fix faults, and in extreme circumstances, your warranty covers you for a replacement. 

The advantages of Leasing new equipment

Leasing new appliances, especially commercial catering equipment, are an alternative option to consider in comparison to outright purchasing used equipment. The benefit is the opportunity to trial equipment without the commitment to invest upfront for a model that may or may not enhance your business. 

It’s important to keep in mind that leasing requires greater investment than outright purchases due to the total repayments for the contractual period. Manufacturers recognise this and have recently implemented a rent-before-you-buy alternative that is available from Reward Hospitality. This allows you to rent your large equipment and give it a go in your establishment before committing to the outright purchase. It’s an opportunity to safely trial new equipment or advanced equipment before you’re obligated to purchase ownership. 

We understand this may be a wary decision to make for new or small businesses, as well as others doing it tough during COVID, but it’s an option worth considering. If you need help with this decision, Reward Hospitality has a team of equipment experts available to consult with you about the best option for your budget and business needs. 


Reward Hospitality New Zealand helps you purchase, lease, or try now pay later with your new equipment

Purchasing a new commercial dishwasherprep stationcombi oven, or fridge can be a daunting task. Reward Hospitality is here to help you eliminate the challenges associated with this decision process. We offer leasing, try-before-you-buy, and payment plans for your next purchase. If you’re not sure which is the best for you, we have a dedicated team available to provide expert advice and help you navigate your acquisition.

You’re welcome to engage our customer service team via phone, email, or online chat. We have showrooms and outlets you’re invited to visit, and we can arrange for one of our equipment specialists to visit you at your business in person to identify the best option to suit you. 

Check out our latest catalogues for a glimpse of the products and equipment we have available. If there’s a specific item that you need there’s a good chance we can source it for you or arrange customisation to suit your requirements. 

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