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Top-10 Hospitality Products to promote Love this Valentine’s Day

Top-10 Hospitality Products to promote Love this Valentine’s Day

There is a lot to love about Valentine’s Day. Aside from being a holiday for lovers to express their affection for each other, this day is also a profitable one for venues such as restaurants, bars and cafes. February 14th is a great opportunity for outlets to celebrate and reap rewards by facilitating the celebratory opportunities and there’s no shortage of inspiration to achieve this.

The central focus of this article is the fondness for the colour red. This shade is synonymous with Valentine's Day, evoking feelings of love, passion, and desire. Its significance can be traced back to Greek mythology and is further reinforced by symbols like red roses and hearts that are associated with this romantic holiday.

To help you embrace the trend and provide some inspiration, we've put together a list of the Top-10 products that embody the traditional themes and symbols of Valentine's Day, all in the shade of red.

Dress your tables to make an impression

The first step of ensuring your Valentine’s Day patrons feel the love and enthusiasm of this day is setting your tables with a red theme promoting the day. This can be achieved with crisp white linen adorning your tables accompanied by lush red table runners, placemats and napkins to promote the theme.

Set the foundation of your table with crisp white polyester tablecloths by Polesy then commence layering the décor with a stunning red or raspberry Pro.Mundi table runner with matching napkins.

If it’s a supreme luxury you’re looking for and you’d like to establish your tableware with a crisp white backdrop to showcase your menu, the Polesy collection of polyester tablecloths and napkins are the table linen you’re looking for.

Display your menu on quality crockery to match your theme

If you’re adopting a crisp white backdrop for your table décor or you’d like to add that extra touch of passion with the inclusion of red tableware, we have you covered with the finest red plates, red bowls and red serving ware to enhance the Valentine’s Day vibe.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more subtle and elegant to showcase your menu, the Chic Moda Porcelain range of fine crockery will deliver a gentle earthy backdrop for your dishes while marrying perfectly with your Valentine’s Day décor.

If it’s a more modern design of crockery you prefer and your choice is stoneware, you can’t go wrong with the Luzerne Mod range plates and bowls to present your menu. These on-trend colours and styles will give that modern when displaying your menu without being over-the-top Valentine's Day.

However, if you’ve splayed your table décor with the essence of red and you’re looking for a classic white platform to showcase your menu with the longevity of lasting the ages and many seasons, you can’t go past the simplicity and quality design of the Essentials Collection Basics range that is so vast it includes everything you need to ensure your guests are catered for regardless of your business or industry.


Entrees or Finger Foods for Valentine’s Day catering

Nothing says, “I love you” or aligns with Valentine’s Day like heart-shaped utensils. Introduce a touch of love to your entrée or canape menu with heart-shaped skewers. These utensils are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. They’ll add that extra touch of love to your catering and food service while also showing how much your venue cares and appreciates the planet.

Showcase desserts & romantic treats in abundance on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated by individuals who want to showcase their love, their passion, and how sweet they are. This is most literally represented in the sharing of sweet desserts and treats with those who’d like to express their love more on this day than any day prepared to invest in an abundance of sweet, sweet morsels.

One way to accommodate this want for showcasing love is extending your dessert menu beyond just one serving. Introducing a Valentine’s Day Special encompassing numerous sweet bites allows customers to indulge and enamour their date, partner or betrothed to a banquet of deliciousness beyond anything they’d experience on an ordinary date night or any other date.

It’s a viable business opportunity for venues to introduce an abundance of bite-sized desserts displayed on a gorgeous riser on Valentine's Day. They need only be bite-sized. Ensure there are two servings of each type. Price this uniquely given how unique this annual celebration is.

Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day with custom messages on display for your guests to purchase

An add-on for you to include in your Valentine’s Day bookings is the opportunity for your guests to display custom messages for their special someone showcased in your venue. This can take place with custom messages placed on their booked table or messages displayed at receptions or the walls of your restaurant, café or bar.

This can be achieved with chalkboards designed for benchtop or wall mounting. The bonus of this endeavour is the framed boards can be reused in other seasons or to promote your specials throughout the year which makes these products a viable investment.

Set the mood with ambient lighting in your venue on Valentine’s Day

Setting the mood with ambience will help your guests enjoy their Valentine’s Day delights in your venue. This can be achieved with candlelight, fairy lights, or dimming the lights with ambient LEDs on display. If candlelight is your venue’s vibe, Eurovap has wonderful products available from rechargeable LEDs to quality pillar candles in various sizes and burning times.

Cheers to Valentine’s Day with quality wine and champagne glassware your guests will appreciate

A bottle of gorgeous wine or a sophisticated glass of top-notch champagne is a must-have for your customers to add to their celebration of Valentine's Day at your establishment. Elevate their experience by offering them premium drinkware and there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of our favourites, and please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive. 

If it’s quality glassware you’re looking for to enhance your festive celebrations that can be used all year round, the Domaine range by Arcoroc and Sequence range by Chef & Sommelier are two popular options in our vast collection of wine and champagne glasses available for purchase on Reward Hospitality’s website. While we would love to list all our collections for you in this article, we invite you to browse our catalogue and you’re welcome to reach out to our customer service team if you’d like assistance identifying the perfect glassware for your venue.

Spice it up with stunning cocktails on Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Day a little spicey with custom cocktails served from your bespoke menu in these stunning vessels on February 14. The benefit of cocktails is your ability to add a little something to your usual menu at a price point with profit margins your guests will want to purchase on this special day.

Your cocktails are a means of aiding your guests to extend their enjoyment beyond the purpose of their booking. Step it up with showmanship from your bartenders and mixologists using quality equipment and utensils that will not only ensure your guests enjoy their experience but enjoy their delicious beverages as well.

Uberbartools has the equipment and accessories you need to dazzle and deliver. Serve up some quality cocktails to top off a magical night with these products. Read about Proshaker cocktail kits in this article.

Add flavour to your Valentine’s Day menu with Syrups

Whether you’re a bar serving epic cocktails and beverages or a restaurant delivering delicious dessert menus, you want the best syrups available and you can’t go wrong with Monin. Sure, you can develop flavour preservatives yourself in-house but if time is of the essence, this range of products is what you need to ensure your patrons have the most flavoursome experience. Read more about Monin Syrups and Sauces in this article.

Custom print a Valentine’s Day message on your food packaging for your customers

Think about the impression it would make if you had a personalized message printed on your food packaging. Regardless of whether you are a take-out food vendor, a food truck, or a restaurant offering packaging for customers to take their food to go, having a custom-printed message on the packaging will make a lasting impact on Valentine's Day.

Custom printing is more affordable than you may realise. This is especially so if you include this service with our product purchases from Reward Hospitality. When carefully planned, your custom printing need not be isolated to just Valentine’s Day. It can include all special events with strategic messaging. If you need help navigating this, our custom prints client service team are available to help you develop a custom print solution within your budget. Contact us for a no-obligation introduction to how we can help you deliver your brand to your customers.

Reward Hospitality New Zealand had the products and services you need to ensure a quality Valentine’s Day for your patrons

There’s no job too big or small for Reward Hospitality. Our extensive range of categories and products helps businesses from many industries deliver an optimal Valentine’s Day experience to their patrons. Our offerings are so expansive we have the goods to deliver to your business regardless of the holiday, celebration or event. You’re invited to browse our extensive catalogue of products or navigate the service offerings we have available which include not only custom printing but venue design, equipment advice, and product consultation to name just a few.

Reward Hospitality is Asia Pacific’s leading hospitality provider and we’re available to provide assistance with this Valentine’s Day as well as all other celebratory events on national calendars or your own business calendar. Our success is your success.

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