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Spread the Word: Tips For Showcasing Your Brand

Tips for showcasing your brand

Want to get your brand noticed but can’t afford the costs of a large advertising campaign? Most businesses rely heavily on word of mouth to get their name out, working hard to promote the benefits of their brand through quality products and service. But what if you could take this one step further, letting your customers spread the word about you just be dining with you?

Imagine your loyal customers walking the streets holding your unique branding for the world to see, exposing new people to your product just by doing what they normally would anyway. You can make this happen by incorporating custom printing in your business.

Custom printing lets you add your unique design, style or brand to a range of products that you are likely already using. By applying your branding to different products you are allowing for word to spread about you, giving your customers a way to engage and promote your brand for you.

Below are some great ways to showcase your brand:

  • Printed napkins: If you serve food or drinks chances are you already give napkins to your customers regularly, so why not personalise their experience and give them a custom printed napkin? Feature your custom design or logo to ensure your customers know your name.
  • Printed glassware: Be at the forefront of your customer’s mind every time they raise a glass with Reward’s printed glassware. Custom printed glassware is not only a great way to promote your name but can also be used to create handy pour guides, saving you time in the kitchen.
  • Digital cups: Digital cups from Detpak allow you add your own custom design to a range of takeaway cup sizes and styles. With the ability to also add touchable textures to your designs, your cups will be so striking customers won’t want to throw them out.
  • Custom coasters: Print your own unique design onto one of Reward’s coasters to create fun and striking branding your customers will remember.

Our Tip: Have fun!
If you’re passionate about your brand let your customers know you are! Remember, no one understands your business better than you, so get creative and give your customers an experience to remember.

So have some fun and show people who you are with custom printing solutions. Want to learn more? Click here to read more or contact one of our friendly representatives.  

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