Alto Shaam 1200-UP Holding Cabinet

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Product Description

The Alto Shaam 1200-UP Double Heated Holding Cabinet is designed to help you hold more with less effort while optimizing kitchen space, this cabinet features two individually controlled compartments. Precision controls and the inclusion of SureTemp™ technology ensure that your food is held at the exact temperature you desire until it's time to be served.


  • Sealed, Static Holding Environment: Each compartment creates a sealed, static environment that captures the natural flavors and juices within your food. This leads to reduced shrinkage, enhanced food quality, and an extension of the food's hold life.
  • Maintain Food Quality: Keep your dishes at their perfect serving temperature for extended periods without the risk of overcooking or drying out.
  • Easy Operation: The cabinet is equipped with adjustable electronic thermostats featuring digital displays, ensuring precise and safe temperature control for each compartment.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning is a breeze; simply remove shelves from each compartment and wipe clean, maintaining a hygienic and efficient kitchen environment.
  • Greater Yields and Less Food Waste: With Halo Heat technology, you can minimize food costs by reducing overcooking and shrinkage compared to conventional holding methods.
  • Pass-Through Design: Select models are available with a pass-through design for easier loading and better access to held food.
  • Optional Door Venting: Specific models offer door venting for maintaining the crispiness of certain foods while preserving the highest quality.
  • Expand Menus and Reduce Prep Time: Prepare food hours before serving and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste at the time of service, reducing prep time and labor costs.
  • Energy Savings: The Alto Shaam 1200-UP Double Heated Holding Cabinet is not only efficient in its performance but also cost-effective to operate, contributing to energy savings.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Rest assured, this product is crafted in the USA with a strong commitment to quality.

Capacity: Per Compartment

  • 8 Full-Size Hotel Pans (4") or 8 GN 1/1 Pans (100mm)
  • 16 Full-Size Hotel Pans (2-1/2") or 16 GN 1/1 Pans (65mm)
  • 16 Full-Size Sheet Pans (1")

Dimensions (H x W x D):

  • 75-13/16” x 26-7/16” x 32-3/16” (1924mm x 671mm x 817mm)


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